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{TBT| Redpaw | SkyClan } by INfernoLynx {TBT| Redpaw | SkyClan } by INfernoLynx


The sea is wine red
This is the death of beauty
The doves have died
The lovers have lied
~ Wine Red-The Hush Sound

His name is Redpaw - Redwing

Redpaw is a MALE character

Redpaw is Eleven moons old and two weeks. 

Redpaw is an Oriental Shorthair mix

Redpaw is a LARGE scrawny tabby tom-cat with green eyes.

STR ||  :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:   
TAC ||   :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: 
END ||  :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
SPD ||  :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletwhite:


The Build
To put things as mildly as possible, I'll sum up this tom's general structure in one word - he's tall. Like, 'I tower over you!' big. And, pairing that with two green, hateful eyes, you don't get a very pretty result. Just the way he looks is enough to intimidate the majority of the cats around him, so it's no wonder why he has so little friends. As for his shape, Redpaw is pretty darn...Skirmish? In a sitting positions, he looks very much like a simple cat like column. Not perfectly straight, no, but few a curve has been placed upon his massive frame. So... he's scrawny, you could say. Height? Well, it be odd to have a large cat be short, would it not? So, as it should be fairly obvious, this tom is quite tall in comparison to your average cat. Not freakishly tall - something that makes him stand out majorly in a crowd - but tall enough to balance out his large frame. As for weight, he's is quiet light. He gives off the appearance of being heaving, because of his height but in reality hes lighter than the average tom-cat. Off course, this can also lead to some difficulties; he's pushed around during battle and can never really hold other cats on the ground for very long. As for his build, I can describe it in only one, easy way. He's very, very petite. Fitting in with his awkward, lazy personality, Redpaw has a build fit for a very skilled and quick fighter. And, let me tell you, he doesn't let them go to any waste. And boning? Well, I'll just say it fits in well with his massive size.

The Sizes
Redpaw's are spread somewhat widely apart atop his head and are quiet a bit larger then your average pair of ears. Tilted outwards in just the slightest manner, the only really noticeable difference from them and any other set of ears is the size of the gap between them. And, well, the fact that one is the slightest bit skinnier then the other. So, his large ears make it very easy to hear things beyond his reach; so ease-dropping on others is quiet easily done. His tail, however, is longer then usual and has been very well kept. Tail signals, for this reason, are easier for others to see. It'd be a good trait, had he the skills to work in a group of cats. Instead, that tiny difference is easily wasted. As for paws, his are actually fairly large, matching his generally large size. But, even then, their still a bit odd looking for their abnormally large size. No embarrassment, thankfully, is found in this factor, though, and the only problem they cause for him doesn't bother him as much. His large size and weight already make him poor at stalking prey and such. And claws? They are, surprising, average length in comparison to his paws - much to the tom's displeasure. Longer claws would equal more power in a blow. Unfortunately, this is a trait that the tom was not granted and bothers him ever so. Aw, well. At least their sharp enough for his taste. The size of his eyes... are normal. Fitting the description for an average cat completely. Nothing too special about them here...

The Shapes
Moving right along, we find that those plain old boring eyes are, in fact... round. Just a tad bit flatter then a circle, making them more of an oval then anything, these purely circular eyeballs are simply defined by, well, nothing, really. The only thing that lets them stand out is their astonishing color in comparison to the sea of black they've been thrown into. His nose is, much like his eyes, is an average sized, shaped, and placed nose. With it's triangle-like shape, it actually fairly difficult to distinguish where it even is upon his face. Both of these factors are, obviously, much to his displeasure. His face is generally bland... Why would someone be happy about that? His neck, long as it is, is pretty average as well, just slightly exceeding the desired length of your typical feline. Of course, the neck is such and overlooked thing... This doesn't bother him all that much, as no one else takes any notice. At all. But, an average height, yet an abnormally tall structure makes his neck look more long then they probably should... As for his legs... Well, their longer then usual, only adding to his height and balancing out the ratio of muscle to size. They're still as thin as they would be on any other average oriental haired cat; they just make him taller then normal. And, finally for this paragraph, the size of his head... Well, it is an average sized head. However, in comparison to the rest of his body, it does look a bit out of place, sitting at the top of the rest of his frame.

The Fur
Moving away from the various sizes and shapes that can be found scattered across Redpaw's body, we move on to his most well kept feature - his fur. Yes, Redpaw believes looking as sophisticated and well-kept will not only make him look more respectable, but help keep others from suspecting his dark side. A mad man would not show such careful and well-thought out procedures, surely! As for the texture, it can be define as simply... smooth. Having a tongue constantly making it's way through his fur can do that it, can't it? It's no surprise that the layer of black that has been draped across him is soft to the touch by the way that he takes care of it. As for length, the warrior is a short-haired cat. And what does this mean? Well, he has short fur, of course! Banishing the cold in leaf-bare is not so simple with short strands of fur as your only protection. However, getting warm in green-leaf is also just as difficult. Short fur isn't all bad, is it? Lastly, we move onto the imperfections scattered across his pelt - his scars. Of course, every cat is bound to have some sort of a scar - even medicine cats may have a tiny one from a thorn scratch of some-sort. But, being the kind of tom who enjoys tossing himself into every battle possible, it would be almost impossible for him to have less then a scar or two. Of course, most of his small, insignificant ones are covered by a layer of fur. However, major scars are still visible. Like, for instance, the ugly gash that has been carved onto his lower neck, or even the deep gashes on his lower rump.

The Colors
When you think of a crazy cat, what color do you think of? Black, most likely - it and red are typically the colors paired with the evil. Or, perhaps, you think of white as a sort of irony. Well, if you guessed that Redpaw is a lightly tinted red-orange, you'd be correct! A think coat of red has been carefully draped across his frame, and what a beautiful shade of red it is! For the most part, this lightly tinted color is what defines the tom. However, his eyes, the insides of his ears, and the lightly tinted white in which that blends itself within his redish-brown pelt. His front right paw looks as though it has been dipped into a light palette of redish-white. Simply, he is a tabby tom-cat with white around his upper-chest in which seeps over his upper muzzle and over his brows. His eyes also stand out plain as day, being a brilliant, leafy green. His pads, inner ears, and nose are all the same color - a very, very light-ish pink. 


I cut the arrow from your neck
Stretched you beneath the tree 
Among the roots and baby's breath
I covered us with silver leaves
~ Wine Red - The Hush Sound

Redpaw. The Cat Knight. He's brave, loyal, and strong; everything a she-cat would want, right?

Well, not exactly.

Redpaw may be brave, loyal, and strong, but of course, everyone has their flaws. Redpaw is brave to the point of recklessness and occasionally impulsiveness. He'd do anything for a Clanmate, no matter how he feels toward them. He'd never do anything to intentionally hurt his Clan, either, so getting a mate outside of the Clan is a big never-gonna-happen for this little kitty.

Redpaw is rather cocky for an apprentice his age. He often tries to do better than others, most times failing because of his age. He is always striving to build his strength and to make himself a better cat. Although he can have quite an attitude towards others, this never stops him from making good decisions for himself and others. He always listens to orders given to him, especially to those given from the deputy or leader. However, he has a hard time listening to other apprentices, no matter how much older they may be than him. He hates being bossed around by others who think they're in charge. He's a pretty big jokester, and is often swatted over the head by others after playing a prank on them. Most know he is only playing around, and will tolerate it until he gets a little bit older. He will mature as he ages, and won't play jokes when he knows it isn't the right time for it. Redpaw does not really have interest in love, she-cats and kits. He's always more focused on his training. It will take a lot for a she-cat to get him to notice her, as he often doesn't understand when a she-cat is flirting with him. He is striving to become deputy, or maybe even leader one day. He has vowed to make Skyclan the strongest clan of all.  
Red is known for his carefree attitude, whether it creeps others out, annoys the heck out of them, or gives them something to giggle about. He's willing to comment about anything that's on his mind, and doesn't think twice about the consequences. This often gets him in to trouble, but he hasn't yet learned from his actions. Most of the time, though, when Redpaw is around those who, of the majority, tolerate him, he can be the biggest goofball. Around the ones who hate his guts, he gets a little creepy, finding it difficult to act normal, or whatever he believes is normal. But when he is around those who appreciate him for who he truly is, of which are few, he can more easily show how caring he truly is for his clan-mates, which he won't hesitate to risk everything for. Redpaw is immature, which leads other cats into showing him little respect. He is headstrong and is often very open with his friends. However, even his friends sometimes have a hard time handling his personality. 
  • being in large groups of people.
  • engaging in conversation.
  • Eating Catnip
  • slumber.  

  • loosing himself completely to madness.
  • falling in love.

  • short-tempered.
  • Flirty
  • Extremely Lazy


We lied, we can't go on
This is the time and this is the place to be, alive
~ Wine Red - The Hush Sound

  • MOTHER: SHADEFALL - Red-Orange tabby she-cat with yellow eyes. [deceased]
  • FATHER: RAT-TAIL - Large white tom-cat with green eyes. [deceased]
  • SIBLING(S): N/A - N/A.


Where it All Began
It all began with Redpaw's mother, Shadefall. She had the looks, she had the smarts, and, even though she was one of the most snobbiest cats you'd ever know when she was an apprentice, she had a personality that would make her a good mother. It wouldn't be a surprise if a tom or two had a major crush on her, but, if anyone did, she would have completely oblivious. Instead, the she-cat had her eyes set on one tom, and one tom only - Rat-tail, Redpaw's future father. She had watched him from a far and was, well, sympathetic. She imagined that he cut himself off from his family because he had been hurt (emotionally). She wanted to be there for him, so he wouldn't be so... distant.

When Love Begins for the First Time
So she would follow him around, attempting to make conversations with him. All she had wanted to do was to help him through, what she thought was a rough time. Perhaps he took no notice, or just didn't care for her, but none of that mattered to the her. She wanted to 'help' him until he was 'better'. But her emotions spiraled from there. What had once been sympathy evolved into something more - even more then her one sided friendship she had declared after a while. She didn't tell him at first, and actually became a bit distant from him for a while, but she would come crawling back to him soon.

A Fool and her Mate
It was only a matter of time when she confessed her love to him. Though it didn't seem as though he returned a bit of her love, he still accepted her as his mate. But the red female was oblivious to this fact and lived in her own little world - a world where she loved him and he loved her. She always fantasized about one day giving life to the white tom's kits and would talk to him about them nonstop. It seemed as though he didn't share the same feelings. But she chattered on, day dreaming about children of her own to take care of, even after she had moved on to be an elder.

And she did.

Mother of Evil
A few seasons into the two's relationship, the compassionate warrior discovered she was expecting his kits. She had never been happier in her entire life. But what her mate must have thought could have been the complete opposite...

Bitter Beginnings
From the very start, things didn't go over to well for poor Redpaw - then Redkit. His father wasn't exactly the most popular tom cat around, and many felines disapproved of the small family right off the get-go. Poor old Redkit was very timid and shy... If cats had the ability to break down into tears, he might have very well done exactly that in the presence of a stranger, or even cats a little unfamiliar. His mother was his one and only comfort. Her voice, so gentle and warm. Her encouragement, enough to change a pessimist into an emotional speaker. Her touch, so soft and graceful. Everything about her made him admire her more and more, and he never left her side, unless he'd fallen asleep. A few other kits attempted to cheer up the fragile kit - they'd invite him to play and laugh along side him. But when their attempts failed, many gave up and accepted that he was to shy to make any social connections with the others.

Sworn to Secrecy
For the first three moons of his life, Redkit's father avoided his mate and son completely. It was like they were invisible to him, and he never even looked their way. However, shortly after the mark of Redkit's fourth month in the clan, the large tabby tom begin to change - for the worst. First, it began with never ending arguments between mother and father. They'd lash out at one another over the fate of their child and grew more and more angry with one another. But he grew more and more violent as the days went on, until, eventually, it lead to physical abuse. The warrior threatened to harm their defenseless kit in the case in which she told another soul and, being as protective as she was of their only kit, Shadefall found herself sworn to secrecy. But Redkit knew. He watched him, day after day, beating his mother mercilessly. Not after long, he needed little a reason to attack. And that was when the anger began to form.

Innocence it Broken
Not long before Redkit's apprentice ceremony, things began to change again for the small family. Not only did His father's abusive attacks happen more often and got worse, but he also began to direct his attacks upon his only kit. The price that the tiny red spotted tom would face if his mother ever told went from a simple beating to something far worse - death. Shadefall began to grow distant, quiet, and apathetic to the things going on around her while her mate's, Rat-tail, attitude in public was far, far better then that of his attitude in front of his family. Meanwhile, that tiny, innocent kit's anger was beginning to boil, but social awkwardness prevented him from finding a way to blow off his steam... Only days before the apprentice ceremony was set to take place, Redkit followed the sound of his mother's voice only to find his father beating her senseless yet again. Only, this time, when she was beaten down, she didn't get back up. And she never would. Her own mate had murdered her. Carelessness lead to the discovery of the crime and the clan's eyes were opened. Upon asking if the tom would repent himself and change his ways, the answer they received gave him the boot out of the clan and into exile. He'd claimed to be proud of his deed and that the world would be better without 'that she-cat and her blasted child'.

And with the death of the once great female, the first cracks began to appear in one fragile tom's mind...

Falling Inside the Black
Misplaced anger began to boil over after Redkit moved on to be Redpaw. Conversations now existed between him and his den-mates, but they usually consisted of a lot of yelling and hateful comments. Of course, even shouting at the other apprentices that bothered him wasn't enough to get rid of all that rage and anger that had begun to form inside his still small mind. With every passing day that he imagined that tom lurking out there, free, outside the clan's territories, the more it tore at his heart. But revenge was a completely foreign concept to him, and battle would remind him of the terrible beatings that he was forced to endure for much of his earlier moons. So, in futile hopes to push it off and get it out of his mind, the tom continued to bottle up his fury. But all of this hate and anger kept multiplying... and began to manifest into something else. Something far more sinister.

No Luck
Days of attempting to track down Rat-tail's trail with little luck left Redpaw tired and fatigue upon returning to the camp for his apprentice training. His failed attempts only made him angrier at the whole scenario. So, driven by rage and a hunger for revenge, the tom continued to search for his traitor father. But, as before, these attempts came with no success. However, revenge continued to urge him to carry on with his mission to avenge his mother's death. With little awareness of the trap that he was falling into, the apprentice continued to do as the creature told... And, eventually, revenge would be his.

Discovery and an Act of Suicide
After Redaw had finally given up on his search, much to his voice's displeasure, word began to spread around that prey was slaughtered and left to rot all across their land, and the scent of a rouge could be found practically everywhere you looked on ThunderClan's territory. Hope began to spark in both apprentice and creatures' minds and, with new found determination, he set out once again on his search for his father. But, even then, it took him more then a quarter moon before he caught site of the half starved monster. At the site of the pitiful creature, Redpaw's rage boiled over and he found himself in a chase. Finally, when the older tom was cornered in front of the thunderClan border - strength little to none due to starvation - he made a fatal decision. In the face of an approaching monster,Rat-tail assured himself that he would never die to the claws of his worthless son.

He'd commuted suicide.

One thing at a Time 
After finding his father carcass, he somewhat knew it was time to move on. He was growing older and there was now nothing he could to to get his revenge for his mothers death. Yet still angry and raged with hate, Redpaw knew it was time. He was now reaching the age of a mature apprentice; he was now nine moons. A few moons had gone by where the young tom-cat wished his life was different where he could start new, but there was nothing he could do. Moving to a different clan couldn't solve anything, and fighting or killing other cats wouldn't do anything but make his life much more complicated that what it already was. Simply just like that, Redpaw decided he was going to live the rest of his life relaxing and serving his clan. 
Another moon had gone by since the last time he had seen his dead father. There was yet another monthly gathering, and this time Redpaw was chosen apron the many other apprentices to go to the clan gatherings. Excitement and joy struck the tom-cat. He had never felt this feeling before but to be one of the apprentices to be chosen for this special trip was like earning his warrior name; in which has not happened yet. Once Redpaw and his clan arrived, they all acted cautiously as did the rest of the clans. Though if it was a clan meeting and no fighting would happen, then why be so strange and cowardly about it? Redpaw had never understood such things as this, and this is why he had disobeyed his leader and ran in-front of her, into the clearing where two of the five clans where. One thing the young tom would never forget was the glare the elders and warriors gave him. But the apprentices simply gave a chuckle, but held it in the best they could. The ones who laughed got hit on the head by the nearest warrior.  
The leader scolded Redpaw, but with everything the tom-cat had gone through, he wanted an easy life, and did what he wanted. He spat at his leader and walked away with a devilish look. Now remember this tom-cat still has anger built up inside of him, and only hides most of it. With a few leaps the apprentices found a place to sit, right in the middle of the clearing, where he met another apprentice from another clan known by the name of Crowpaw. He was a blueish-black tom who had bright distinct blue eyes. The two hit it off from the very beginning and became very good friends. They both discussed about what they liked and it so happened they had much in common! From there on, the two would meet each other between the SkyClan and WindClan border to eat a bit of cat nip here and there and wine about their problems. 
Here we leave off, Redpaw has a new friend, not only that but from a different clan and also letting go his past...


The air was tinted with a faint dusky smell, brought to the young cats nose by a swift breeze. Passing through the field of reeds, the wind wade them sway together, sliding past each other in their dance, creating a steady rhythm. Swish, swish, swish. Humming along with the beat, Redpaw walked with his eyes closed. The reeds were pulling at his fur, bending over him like some sort of limp octopus. It was a beautiful day out. The sun was blocked by clouds, so it wasn't unbearable hot. Actually, the wind made it rather chilly, though warmth was still provided by the suns rays. To Redpaw, it was the perfect day.  
Continuing on, Redpaw seemed to be headed nowhere in specific. As a matter of fact, he wasn't really headed anywhere. He had been practicing in an open field, and decided to talk a walk, promising himself he would come back later. Of course, he still intended to go back, but not for a while. All his extra time went into practicing, and he wanted a bit of change. The reeds were his favorite place to be. They were very calming to him. Especially with the wind to orchestrate their dance. A stronger wave of wind passed through the field, causing the reeds to bend even farther towards the ground. It plastered Redpaws fur to his side, but he kept walking, humming the song that had been so rudely interrupted.  
When the wind calmed down, the rhythm began again, and Redpaw soon picked up with the new tempo. However, now he was walking with his eyes open, and dancing to his humming. Before long, he had come to a small clearing hidden within the reeds. It wasn't really a clearing, but the plants were thinner here, and he could actually see through them. In several spots, there was room enough for three cats to sit in a circle and have a nice conversation. The happy-go-lucky apprentice smiled at his discovery. He didn't doubt that others had been here, but he never had. The field was so huge, he wasn't surprised. Even despite the fact that he spent a good share of his time here. His eyes were bright with excitement. Bounding to a clear spot, he let out a small laugh, and rolled onto his back, batting at the air with his front paws. Squirming onto his side, he closed his eyes, basking in the sun. His tail swayed from side to side, and a lingering purr echoed through the fields, mixing with the rustling in the air.
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