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|TGL|Squirrelpaw of LightClan by INfernoLynx |TGL|Squirrelpaw of LightClan by INfernoLynx

General Information

Name: Squirrelpaw 
Age: 10 moons 
Gender: Female
Breed: Abyssinian 30% | Somali 50% | Singapura 20%
Squirrelpaw is a lightly blended golden-brown she-cat. She has different colors of reds, browns and golden hues in her fur. They are almost like spots that blend in with each other on her entire body. The red tints can go from a dark deep almost maroon color to a lighter brownish red. Though sometimes when the sunlight hits it just right, her pelt sometimes look like a field of gold. The golden she-cat is just a light brown and can vary from that deep dark brown to a golden brown. Starting from her short main down, it is quiet darker than the rest of her body. Most of her fur blends in with each other while some of it simply spreads out across her body in spots. Squirrelpaw has bright green eyes that seem to shine almost a lime color when the light hits it correctly. Also she has pure white whiskers and a light pink nose. Squirrelpaw is a dainty she-cat, but she has a lot of muscle tone which makes her very skilled at climbing and hanging from tree's.

Clan Information

Clan: LightClan
Rank: Apprentice
Mentor: ---
Apprentice: N/A

Current || None

Past || None

Mate: N/A


[ Self-control | Perfectionist| Honest | Creative | sweet/nice ]

Her voice is a taste of honey, her gaze a rosy aurora dawn, her fur the silk enviable by even the worm itself. She's happy to tread the path destiny chose for her, whether it means she'll endure heart break or losing someone close to her. A pacifist at heart, Squirrelpaw puts everything within her into her duty, and tackles each and every task with gusto and a jocose personality. She possesses a certain savoir fair and finesse in handling urgent predicaments and relishes the act of healing. 
Passionate - Squirrelpaw absolutely loves to learn. Everything she experiences is a new adventure and she loves to love everything. Not in the sense that she is just lovey-dovey all the time, it's more like she just enjoys expressing himself. Every lesson is a journey and every journey is a lesson to this young feline. As a young apprentice she is still very much in the mind frame of being a kit. She loves every training experience and every morning she wakes up filled with joy at the thought of what the day has in store for her. 
Inexperienced - As a new apprentice Squirrelpaw isn't exactly the smartest. It's not that she is just dumb, she just doesn't really KNOW anything yet. Every time she learns something it gets tucked away into the back of her head to be used at another time. It's easy to say there really isn't much up there just yet. She does know how to chase tails and stalk warriors but he doesn't quite know how to apply these things to his apprentice life just yet. 
Friendly - Squirrelpaw likes to like others. She is a very charismatic cat and greets everyone with a smile on her face. She is not intimidated by the big warriors and even the grumpy ones don't seem to phase her in the least. Due to her small size many seem to look down at her somewhat but that does not let Squirrelpaw get deterred or sulky in the slightest. She enjoys giving others company and is a good listener, though she does like to talk her fair share in a conversation. She is not afraid to speak up and share her ideas even if others might think them silly ones. This does not mean she likes to hear herself, on the contrary, Squirrelpaw just likes talking in general.
Courteous - This young she-cat is very respectful of her mentor and basically any warrior in general. She loves listening to all the stories elders tell and can sit through hours of instructions given to her by warriors about honing his skills. With a fresh mind and his eagerness Squirrelpaw is a fast learner and is willing to listen to anything that would give her more knowledge. With this in mind, Squirrelpaw will remain quiet and respectful when she needs to be, though she would much rather have a two sided conversation than a lecturing one.

Brief Backstory

Prologue ]:
Squirrelpaw was born into a litter of two kits by a particularly older she-cat warrior by the name of Fawnsprint. The she-cat hadn't really thought about love or even considered a mate until Squirrelpaw's father, Frogleap, started to court her. He was a much younger warrior and Fawnsprint rejected his advances for moons until she realized she had fallen in love with the tom without even noticing it. He had stolen her heart despite her resistance and the couple soon grew close and it wasn't too long until kits were in question. 

Frogleap was very determined to have kits however Fawnsprint had her doubts. She had grown old over the moons and worried about bearing kits. Despite their concerns the couple decided to try and sooner than expected Fawnsprint was pregnant. The pregnancy wasn't particularly difficult however when the time came to give birth it was more painful than it would have been if the older she-cat were younger. 

Frogleap worried all day as all he heard was silence from the nursery. Suddenly the shrill cry of a kit could be heard and relief flooded the tom. Fawnsprint had given birth to two beautiful kits, Squirrelkit and Dovekit. Dovekit was larger and had a darker pelt while Squirrelkit was smaller and had more of a smooth orange pelt. Although the birthing had gone relatively well sorrow filled the nursery. 

Fawnsprint was not producing milk and the kits had to be nursed by a relatively new queen who had just had kits a moon before. Although she could not nurse her young Fawnsprint stayed in the nursery and remained a queen to raise her kits until the time had come for them to become apprentices. 
Kitten hood ] : 
Squirrelpaw grew slowly alongside her brother, playing 'catch mother's tail' in the nursery. It became clear to Fawnsprint that Squirrelkit was a little spit fire. She would always insist on being leader when she played with the other kits. Whereas her brother was more the silent type, he didn't mind following his sister's orders. Squirrelpaw's idea of fun soon became anything that would get her and her compliant brother into trouble. The two kits would make elaborate plans to sneak out of camp and, of course, would always get caught by Fawnsprint. They had no regard for safety whether it was theirs or that of others. 

That all changed one day when the four moon old kits gave their plan to sneak out of camp one more try. They made it out. The two kits were by a nearby river, play-fighting to their hearts content in the blazing Green Leaf sun. They were having more fun than they had ever had in the nursery. Or even in the camp as a whole. But things quickly escalated from fun from to horrible when Dovekit slipped off of the bank and into the rushing water. Squirrelkit heard Dovekit's screams for help and something inside her clicked. She had to help him. With a loud wail to her brother, she jumped into the water. She lashed through the water, her limbs feeling like stones trying to drag her to the bottom of the river. She reached Dovekit quickly and the littermates clung their tails to each other's out of pure fear of being separated. She choked and sputtered water from her mouth, feeling the burn in her lungs from the lack of air and she knew it wouldn't be too long before both of them would drown. "How pathetic." She thought as the water pushed and pulled them. "Two LightClan cats, about to drown." Luckily, it wasn't their turn to die that day. A nearby patrol heard the cries and were able to fish them out of the river. The kits were brought back to camp where they were scolded harshly by several cats. 

In that moment, Squirrelkit didn't care that they were in trouble. She was just happy that her and her brother were alright. It was then that she realized she wanted to help cats. She didn't want to be a warrior like all of the other kits ... she wanted to be a Medicine Cat. The rest of Squirrelpaw's kithood passed smoothly, thanks to their frantic mother. She played in camp with the other cats, keeping her brother securely under her wing at all times. She watched Tigerspirit like a hunter would its prey. She wanted to learn everything about him and his world. When they reached their sixth moon mark, her and her brother became apprentices of LightClan and the time to prove to everyone what they were made of was finally upon them. She broke the news to Dovekit that she was going to ask Tigerspirit to train her and he seemed a little disappointed that they wouldn't get to train together, but he understood. He would do anything to make her happy. Squirrelkit went to warrior cat’s den, asked to speak with him and then blurted out her request. She didn't want to give herself any room for doubt. She held her head up high and somehow managed not to quiver with nerves in front of him. 

Due to the leader’s passing, Monarchstar’s son had denied her request. Saddened, Squirrelkit accepted her fate and knew who ever would be chosen as her mentor, would be good enough, right? Though with a slight let down, Squirrelpaw was given the mentor Cricketchirp. She was a stunning dark black pelted she-cat with sky-blue eyes. She was absolutely stunning, and with a high head, Squirrelpaw turned things around for the better, she had gotten a sweet and beautiful mentor. She's now ready for the training and ready to earn her warrior name!
Apprentice ]:
To be rped!


Looking for:
✘ Lasting Relationship
✔ Quick Fling
✘ Unsure

[Orientation]: Straight




 Father - 
 Mother - 
 Littermates - 

 Grandparennts -
 Aunts & Uncles -

 Mate - 
 Kits(s) - 






Mentor: ---
Apprentice: N/A

Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Straight 
Mate: N/A (Too young)
Kits: N/A (Too young)

= Apprentice
= Family

= Uncertainty | = Discomfort 
= Acquaintance | = Friend 
= Good friend | = Best friend 
= Attraction | = Crush 
= Love | = Mate 
= Dislike | = Despise 








Additional Information

Short ears
Large green eyes
Medium length fur
Feather like tail
Thin legs


Helping others
Taking naps
Making friends
Talking to other cats
Finding herbs


Hyper active cat’s
Cats that wont leave her alone
Staying up late
Not getting her sleep
Getting yelled at



Rp Example


Chat RP | SEMI-OPEN [Please just ask]
Note RP | OPEN [I'm very slow at replying so this helps me keep track]
Skype RP | OPEN [I'm always open for a Skype rp, just don't get mad if I do not reply]
Comment RP | CLOSED


The air was tinted with a faint dusky smell, brought to the young cats nose by a swift breeze. Passing through the field of reeds, the wind wade them sway together, sliding past each other in their dance, creating a steady rhythm. Swish, swish, swish. Humming along with the beat, Redpaw walked with his eyes closed. The reeds were pulling at his fur, bending over him like some sort of limp octopus. It was a beautiful day out. The sun was blocked by clouds, so it wasn't unbearable hot. Actually, the wind made it rather chilly, though warmth was still provided by the suns rays. To Redpaw, it was the perfect day.  
Continuing on, Redpaw seemed to be headed nowhere in specific. As a matter of fact, he wasn't really headed anywhere. He had been practicing in an open field, and decided to talk a walk, promising himself he would come back later. Of course, he still intended to go back, but not for a while. All his extra time went into practicing, and he wanted a bit of change. The reeds were his favorite place to be. They were very calming to him. Especially with the wind to orchestrate their dance. A stronger wave of wind passed through the field, causing the reeds to bend even farther towards the ground. It plastered Redpaws fur to his side, but he kept walking, humming the song that had been so rudely interrupted.  
When the wind calmed down, the rhythm began again, and Redpaw soon picked up with the new tempo. However, now he was walking with his eyes open, and dancing to his humming. Before long, he had come to a small clearing hidden within the reeds. It wasn't really a clearing, but the plants were thinner here, and he could actually see through them. In several spots, there was room enough for three cats to sit in a circle and have a nice conversation. The happy-go-lucky apprentice smiled at his discovery. He didn't doubt that others had been here, but he never had. The field was so huge, he wasn't surprised. Even despite the fact that he spent a good share of his time here. His eyes were bright with excitement. Bounding to a clear spot, he let out a small laugh, and rolled onto his back, batting at the air with his front paws. Squirming onto his side, he closed his eyes, basking in the sun. His tail swayed from side to side, and a lingering purr echoed through the fields, mixing with the rustling in the air.


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