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October 27, 2012
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Edited Last: 12/4/2012

Name: Blossomkit - Blossompaw -
Kit Nickname: Bumblebee
Age: o-3
Gender: Female
Breed: American long hair/main coon
Clan: Willowclan
Rank: Kitten
Theme Song: [link]

[ Nice | Romantic | Sociable | Soft-spoken | Sensitive ]

[ Nice ] :

[ Romantic ] :

[ Sociable ] :

[ Soft-spoken ] :

Brief Backstory:

Additional info:
- She loves bugs!!.
- She doesnt like to swim because it makes her fur tangled
- She is known for helping out others
- She loves to embarres boys
- Romantic
- Got most of her looks from her mother
- Normal sized tail
- Bright blue eyes
- Was born with more spots along her body than most of her siblings
- Cry's for no reason
- Loves to name bugs that she saves

- peaceful environments
- sleeping in long grass
- Bugs
- Both hyper toms and emo/emotionless toms
- Cuddle
- Getting up early
- Playing

- loud noises
- liars
- Water
- Fishing
- Being called names
- Getting dirty
- Scars


- Parents -

- Siblings -

- Grandparents-

- Mate - None
- Kit(s) - None


:bulletorange: = Apprentice
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletwhite: = Dead

:bulletblack: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Acquaintance/Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good friend/Best friend
:bulletyellow: = Crush/Attraction
:bulletpink: = Love/Mate
:bulletred: = Discomfort/Despise/Loathe

Roleplay Sample :

CoTN :
Blackpaw meowed triumphantly, after taking down a rugged looking rabbit. 'Perhaps I should take a nap..Nah, there are too many ladies that probably miss me, no they do miss me. The dark apprentice swung his tail around until it had uncovered his front paws. He lifted his chin high as a long gray rabbit hung from his mouth, dripping blood from the beginning of the entrance to the fresh kill-pile. "Finally" The tom meowed as the rabbit flopped to the ground. His nose arose in the air as he smelt each cat that was still in the camp. The bright green eyes had suddenly arose on Dandilionfall, a sweet and beautiful she-cat that had always seemed to smell the same as her name. His eyebrow muscles arose as he suddenly turned to the yellow she-cat. Now she is one she cat I haven't flir..I mean talked to very much. Blackpaw's speckled tail rose high in the air, his paws suddenly leading him to the she-cat he let out a deep purr.Putting on a friendly smile, Blackpaw followed Dandilionfall. "Hey Dandilionfall." he greeted, revealing himself from the shadows. The sunlight bounced off his glossy coat, making it turn several shades of brown that was deeply blended with the black spots.The sweet sent of the she-cat was over powering as he got closer to her. His tail slowly leveled out with his body as he began to sit. The tom's eyes shut for a moment, as he memorized her sweet sent. As he reopened his green eyes, the color of yellow was reveled. Dandilionfall was one of the pretties she-cat's he had even met even though she had lost her eye, which was no ones fault but that badger. Before the she-cat could even turn around Blackpaw began to talk again with his loud mouth and all, he decided to complement her. "You look unusually perky today, Including quiet attractive," The tom's eyes circled the she-cat slowly as a deep purr arose.

The dawn came quickly now, a wash, a glow, a lightness, and then an explosion of fire as the sun arose from behind the buildings. Payton looked down to cover her lightly painted blue eyes from the glare. She could hear the pat of the cats walking outside and from inside. Payton wasn't particularly in the mood to drink, but she was sure interested in a drink that had layed on a counter that was now lit up from the light of the bright yellow orange sun. The she-cat licked her lips, moisturizing them with her saliva. Though she didnt want to look like some kind of drinker, all cats are the same around here, they drink, the toms are easy to get because the girls arnt shy when they drink and everyone gets screwed. Payton didnt want to be like this. With a flick of her long brown tail she-cat forced herself away from the counter. The skinny white, and brown she-cat with flames in her eyes from the reflection of the sun walked over to the door that lead to a gambling table. She nearly shook her hind quarters loose when she glanced up at the chair, and she subsided when she walked away. Payton didn't want to be a gambler ether, well since these things do not attract the young she-cat; though sometimes she acts much younger than she truly is, since she's a full grown she-cat and all, but why does it matter? This she-cat has never had, well what they call a 'mate' though Payton wanted something much less then that, someone to cuddle to not to only to have a mate so she could stay and have kits over and over. No, she wanted a well, Boyfriend. Payton kicked a pile of twigs as soon as she had left the casino, How did I get out here so quickly?

FoG :
Gebhuza's eyelids felt heavy, everything seemed like a dream, or more a nightmare. The tom grabbed his apprentice, only noticing that he had fainted once he had reached the tree he had command him to go to. The leader glanced back at the gray colored cat. He felt the toms eyes following him. With a glance he looked back and glared at the tom he unwanted to be by. Gebhuza's tail flicked uneasily, a wave of uncertainty slowly mounting in him. He was certain now, all of this would be shared to his tribe, as war. That definitely wasn't a good thing, though it drove him wild with more existent. He frowned, taking a step back as he watched the scene, his heart heavy and his shoulder sagging. The glance given to him by the ruddy tomcat reassured him a little. He didn't understand why he took everything as a threat even so, to his own apprentice. It drove him insane. As he held his apprentice and held his pose as he glared at the gray-speckled tom, for now I shall have my deputy take care of you. The leader paused and slightly perked his ears as he looked at his apprentice who was held in his mouth, true he was a bit heavy but not as close to the size of his leader, Gebhuza. The leader considerations on the sent and smell of his apprentice. He smelt of dust, and his fur tasted like dirt. Though he held his teeth clenched to the apprentices scruffs as he slowly made his way through the green wet lands to the fire-tribe's territory which was dry and hot. His legs gave out on him a couple of times as he made his way closer and closer to his tribe. The distinguished smell of his tribes sweet smell had made his eyes slowly start to close. He kept them close for only a second as he breathed in the familiar smell's. Once he had reopened his eyes he let a faint smile on his face, though it would have grown into a full expressed smile if it wasn't for his useless apprentice Triton. As they both arrived at the tribes entrance the clan was quiet for it seemed the sun had set across the arisen. Gebhuza lifted his head as he looked around though not a single sight for one cat was in sight. Outside of the apprentice den the leader made his way in, setting the tom on a old mossy bedding which would need changing soon. Once the tom was safely in the tribe, the old tom lead himself to his den which had a few strings of moss hanging. It was cold and damp, since it was a cave like den. His paws made his way towards the bedding in the back which had seemed to be changed. His mind wondered in memories. Everything just seemed blurry, as if it was a dream. As his paws touched the soft and sweet smelling moss his body dropped to the ground, though before he had reached the ground he had already fallen asleep. Soon slow quiet dreams came to him as he slept.

Art / Character Whitelinxanimator500
WarriorsValleyStream *BettaRae
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